quarta-feira, 30 de outubro de 2013

3D Bunny

Poses from the cutest animation.
I modeled and textured the bunny from my previous drawing.  
It's very simple, since I want it to be a base for many thematic bunnies.
Gabriel Teixeira did THE cutest walk cycle for it!

3D model done in Blender.

Clay model to help 3D modeling.

quinta-feira, 24 de outubro de 2013

A Game for your Mom

These bunnies are characters for my fictional pet game.
And they are addressed to your mom, cause everyone knows she loves pet/farming games!

quarta-feira, 16 de outubro de 2013

Arya - Game of Thrones meets famous paintings

Arya meets Ingres' Madame Devaucay

Almost two years ago, I came up with this Game of Thrones illustration Project. The idea was to mix the TV series' gorgeous characters with classic paintings that I like. At that time, I painted Daenerys, which I'm not posting here 'cause I'm not proud of it... And that was it.

It took that long for me to paint the second one! But it's best this way! My skills are better now, I think. :)

My inspiration:

Madame Devaucay by Ingres
Lovely Maisie Williams

terça-feira, 1 de outubro de 2013

Dungeonland Particle FX


By the time we reached Dungeonland's first milestone, none of Critical's artists knew how to make particle FX. We stared at our poor game, lacking proper feedback and knew there was nothing else to do besides teaming up to learn this thing.

It was all trial and error and good criticism to get to this point! And of course, a lot of good tips from Gabriel, our amazing animator!

For this video, I picked some Particle FX that were done completely by me, except for some particle textures like cracked floor decals, the smoke texture and "Critical hit" texture. My teammates Felipe Magalhães and Cecilia Cherullo also did several other VFX for Dungeonland, not shown here.

By the way, we used Unity 3D's Shuriken tool and particle textures were painted in Photoshop!

Texturing for Arcane Kingdom Environment

These textures are some of my first work for Dungeonland.

When I came to Critical Studio, the art team had recently finished building the Arcane Kingdom level.
Everything was there, modeled, positioned, but completely white!
They urgently needed one more texture artist to help paint everything.
And that's exactly what I do. :) Lucky me!

Modelling by Gabriel Teixeira and concepts by Felipe Magalhães

Walls' bricks and shadows by Cecilia Cherullo.

Walls' shadows by Cecilia Cherullo.

Walls' bricks and shadows by Cecilia Cherullo.

Walls' bricks by Cecilia Cherullo.