sábado, 8 de fevereiro de 2014

Pig Project

Hi, everyone!

I've been away for some time doing freelance work. 
I did 2D assets for two mobile games, and they were my first
professional work since Critical Studio shut down.

I know that's no excuse for not drawing and posting here, so shame on me!
But now work is finished and I can show it to you and move on to other stuff.

So, these pigs belong to the latest project I was in. The game is like Tiny Wings, but focused on racing. Thankfully, I was not asked to make artwork similar to Tiny Wings and had freedom to make the artstyle I wanted, following the themes I was given.

The first challenge for me was developing background artwork that was interesting and at the same time was discreet enough to not disturb the gameplay.
That's why I made all backgrounds so light and with low contrast.

  The hills, on the other hand, are dark to show the player exactly where he can slide his pig.
The artwork for them had to be done in tiled square images, so the developers could repeat and deform them creating random shaped hills.

I also did all the UI, animations and logo for this game!
Although the latter I can't show you until the game is released.
Here are some screenshots!

Hope you like it!

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